Termites are among the most annoying pests because of the intensive (and expensive) harm they might cause. Termites can be masters at staying unseen and soundlessly tearing your property apart. Termites can feed on cellulose-based products of which just happens to be in most buildings.

However, there are far more hazards in terms of termites and not just for your property. Termites can also damage foundations, your furniture, books, and more.Though termite workers are quite small in proportions, the amount of damage they can cause is a lot greater.

San Francisco Termite Protection & Prevention Measures

The best way to lower the probability of termites from penetrating your structure or home is through effective prevention and protection measures including guaranteeing a moisture-free atmosphere and erasing any food resources that may captivate termites. We’ve listed these particular suggestions for guaranteeing ideal termite security for your property:

  • Leaky sinks, pipes and also air conditioners really should be remedied.
  • Keeping the rain gutters thoroughly clean regularly can minimize the risk of enticing unwelcome termites.
  • Be certain that water is led away from your base during wet weather.
  • Remove any unnecessary compost or coverings you may have placed close to the home’s outer walls.
  • Make sure the roof is correctly functioning and no standing water is present.
  • Examine air vents every so often to be sure they’re clear of obstructions.
  • Protect against termites from getting inside by examining and correcting any entry points in the water lines and utility lines.
  • Place screens on any outdoor vents that do not already have one.
  • Get rid of stumps and other wood debris found close to the house.
  • Watch for termite destruction on your deck and fencing.
  • Don’t keep raw lumber, papers or firewood near the basic foundation or crawl space.

Indicators of San Francisco Termites

There are certain indicators to look out for that can indicate an existing termite issue. Winged insects swarming the home, termite fecal material, hollowed out wood, tubes and tunnels created from mud on the property’s outer walls, and shed wings around your doors and windows.

In case you have tried to examine your house but still are not certain termites aren’t presently there, or if you want protection from an expert; we’re here to assist you! We are able to schedule a termite assessment or even a treatment if you have already confirmed active termites.